Daniela Naomi Molnar works in a range of forms including painting, art direction, design, site-specific intervention, a collaborative poetry/visual art project, writing, activism, and teaching. She grew up in the New York City area, a daughter of immigrants, and now lives in Portland, Oregon.

She is a founding member of the Board of Directors, a backcountry guide, and an all-around integral part of  Signal Fire, an organization increasing the cultural value of the natural world by providing opportunities for artists to engage with public wild lands. She is Art Editor for The Bear Deluxe Magazine, a publication devoted to exploring environmental issues through the arts, and Founding Co-Editor of Leaf Litter, Signal Fire’s art and literary journal.

Daniela is the Founding Director of the Art + Ecology program and a full-time Associate Professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she has been teaching undergraduate and graduate students about painting, drawing, environmental issues, visual culture, critical theory, and pedagogy since 2007.


Artist Statement

Bill McKibben has written that we have been born into a world that no longer exists. Given that, how do we find our place? How do we visualize the embodied experience of living on a damaged planet? How can art help us understand who we are and where we are? How can art have ecological, spiritual, political, and social agency? Daniela Molnar’s work is informed by these questions and by a deep ecological worldview. It is inspired equally by science, sensory experience, traditional cultural/spiritual knowledge, and contemporary theorists.

Her paintings rely on an intense engagement with color, provoking phenomenological reflection and sensory awareness. They aim to involve viewers directly in their bodily experience of time and place while also engaging with the intractable, intersectional questions provoked by the (Mis)Anthropocene.

Collaborative work is an integral part of her practice in the form of art direction, editing, site-specific projects, developing and leading backcountry residencies with Signal Fire, teaching, and activism. All of these exchanges are ways of building and learning from an ecological system. She understands an ecological system as the vast web of relationships that one is enmeshed in — all the things that give life, that we relate to and depend on.

She hopes to inspire a fuller comprehension of the profound interconnectedness of our planet. Daniela aims to provoke a willingness to engage — bodily and conceptually — with the shared planetary sociopolitical and ecological challenges we face.


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Some clients I’ve worked with    

Scientific American magazine,, Scientific American MIND magazine, McGraw-Hill Companies, W.H. Freeman and Company, Electronic Publishing Services, Inc., American Society for the Technion, Floreant Press, Park Sports Physical Therapy, Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, Educational Development Center, Inc., University of California at Santa Cruz, The Berry Botanic Garden, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Outstanding in the Field, Rose Live Music, Wine Label Design, Inc., Kitchenbar NYC, Jim Denevan, Art & Spirit Yoga Vacations, Mali Mrozinski, Kazia Jankowski, Edison Woods, Deer Stop Yoga Studio, The Bear Deluxe Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Orlo, Slow Food USA, Democratic Party of Oregon, Vinartculture, Signal Fire, Brooklyn Kitchen, Ruth Tobias, Natasha Gardner, Big World/Small Kitchen, Bark, The University of Nevada.