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“Oregon artist Daniela Naomi Molnar pioneered the notion that art can speak to climate change.” 
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Podcast and video interviews


Written interviews

Featured artwork and other press

  • Featured artist, Buckman Journal, Summer 2023

  • Featured artist: Sixth Oregon Climate Assessment, Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, Oregon State University, 2023

  • Featured artist: Cirque #23, Spring 2022

  • Featured artist: “You Aren’t Alone In Grieving The Climate Crisis,” Science Friday, April 17, 2020

  • Featured artist: “Ecological Mourning: Living with Loss in the Anthropocene” by Stef Craps, Critical Memory Studies: New Approaches, Ed. Brett Ashley Kaplan. London: Bloomsbury, 2023. 69-77

  • Featured artist: “Mourning climate loss,” by Jennifer Atkinson, Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts Quarterly, Spring 2021

  • Profile: “In Session: Pacific Northwest College of Art Offers a Minor with Major Implications,” Juxtapoz, no. 199, June 2017

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