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2022 - ongoing

Each round shape in this work is an ecosystem in flux, in crisis, in homeostasis. Each painting is their ecosystems linked. The shapes are made of pigments I forage from stones, plants, bones, and wild waters – materials that contain the earth’s memory.

Working with stone and plant pigments is an embodied way to do this. It’s a way to connect to the regenerative intelligence of the earth itself. I enter an exchange between what the earth’s memory asks of me and what I ask of it. The painting is a record of that inter-asking. 


The round shapes can also be seen as stone shapes. Stones are the material embodiment of Jewish mourning (one puts a stone on a Jewish grave, not flowers). The shape's repetition is the trace of my process of transmuting intergenerational and planetary grief to wonder. 

The circles are also zeros. The zero is infinity, a site where our capacity for logic fails and something else takes hold. These zeros teem with nothingness and multitudes, grief and love.

I’m trying, in this work, to love radically: outward, backward and forward in time and space. I'm trying to make home-places for my ancestors and future ancestors. Sometimes it feels like it works.