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Leaf Litter no.6 — Signal Fire‘s literary journal. Co-edited with Amy Harwood.

Cover image, “Skeleton Story” by Zoe Keller

LEAF LITTER #6: The Future Wild
The sixth issue features writing and art considering the future of wildness. New work by Miguel Arzabe, Zack Bent, Stephanie Brachmann, Bruce Conkle, Katy Davidson, Jodi Darby, Emily Detrick, Eduardo Gabrieloff, Wendy Given, Suzanne Goldenberg, Chelsey Johnson and Kara Thompson, Zoe Keller, Caroline Kessler, Cara Levine, Ron Linn, Megan Marzec, Benjamin Morris, Roger Peet, Veronica Reeves, Kerri Rosenstein, and Sophie StidEach issue includes a copy of the zine Up With Toys, by Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen.

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