• I did these illustrations for an article about lost foods of the Pacific Northwest.
  • I worked with the talented Mia Nolting on this article and map about local foods.
  • Some selections from the Independent Art section, which I curate. This amazing painting is by Monica Cook.
  • Check out Mark Menjivar's "You Are What You Eat" project.
  • And this one by Kirsten Ullrich. Pick up a copy of the Bear in awesome locations nationally, or drop me a line if you can't find an issue in your town and would like a copy!
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The Bear Deluxe Magazine #32

An award-winning, internationally distributed non-profit publication focusing on the intersection of art and environmental issues. Our Gastromerica issue is the second part of our duo of food-themed issues. I art directed, illustrated and worked on production. Cover by Ryan Brown.