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Leaf Litter #3

Leaf Litter no.3 is Signal Fire‘s literary journal featuring program participantes from 2012.  Included are short stories by Amy Harwood, Peter Rock, Justin Hocking, Marisa Anderson and Nina Montenegro. Also featured is poetry by Elizabeth Pusack and yours truly, and visual art by Jillian Vento, Dan Gilsdorf, Eva Struble and Shaw Pong Liu.

I art directed this edition of Leaf Litter and Amy Harwood edited it.

You can purchase a copy here.

Signal Fire is a residency that provides opportunities for artists and activists to engage in the natural world. The projects instill self-reliance, catalyze creative energy, and invite interdisciplinary collaboration. We utilize public lands to advocate for the access to—and protection of—our remaining wild and open places in order to enrich and sustain society. Signal Fire was formed in 2008 and has brought together filmmakers, writers, visual artists, musicians, performers, and creative agitators. I am a member of the Board of Directors and lead trips with Signal Fire.